notenheft haus

This house for a pianist is located in a residential area a few minutes’ walk from Totsuka Station in Yokohama City, just beyond the main shopping strip. The surrounding vicinity retains a few old houses, but gradual changes to the streetscape continue to alter its character. To reduce the impact of the surrounding environment, an enclosed outdoor space was created and rooms were arranged around its periphery.

A large courtyard is featured on the first floor and the second floor has a walled balcony. The living room is located on the second floor, sandwiched between the courtyard and the balcony, producing a sense of openness.

The music room is a wooden structure with 50 dB soundproofing. In consideration of acoustics, opposing are not parallel, but are angled to diffuse the sound, and ceiling materials are made of highly acoustical finishes. Since reverberation is affected by the number of people in the room, bookshelves were placed along the wall to allow for fine adjustment by way of the items stored on the shelves.

The structure of the house is designed so that it can be modified according to the needs of the young couple for years to come. Music is a musical scale created by the vibration of air together with a rhythm based on a temporal axis. In the same way, a house is experienced by the accumulation of time, savoring the ambiance that dwells in the space. This house is designed with hopes that the owners will be able to enjoy the beautiful rhythms of their home life together with the music.

English translation by Norie Lynn Fukuda (DMA)


photo : Koji Fujii