MORION belvedere

For this site on a hill overlooking the Minato Mirai District of Yokohama, the client wanted to create a house with views above the roof heights of neighboring houses out to the Minato Mirai District to the north and Mt. Fuji to the west.

Strict building codes imposed on this irregularly shaped site with a difference in elevation and surrounded by roads on all sides called for a composition that would harmonize with the height variations. The response was to build a six-level split-level floor structure to create a three-story residence.


Not only the view, but also his favorite Aston Martin, and his collection of paintings and sculptures are arranged to blend naturally with his daily life. The color scheme of the interior is modern Japanese. Owing to the happy discovery of a solid piece of purpleheart wood, it was used as the standard, along with similarly colored, highly textured flooring and deep toned wall and ceiling finishes. A variety of colors and materials are mixed together to create an exquisite balance.


With apertures that frame the iconic landscape, interiors that accentuate the owner’s cherished items, the natural lighting and greenery produce a slow passage of time. The cumulative effect creates a sprinkle of sentimentalism into the mundane, satisfying the aim to make spaces that evoke a sense of warmth.

English translation by Norie Lynn Fukuda (DMA)


photo: Katsuhisa Kida/FOTOTECA、Hideo Mori/AMANO STUDIO