That sense of security given by a solid structure that protects the family from the outside world. I believe the solution to modern urban housing lies in providing rich experiences within the environment that produce a feeling of fulfillment.

Going beyond the visual in design, the creation of this house was an attempt to stimulate all five senses, inducing a rich experience through the accompanying layered illusions, and generating family history through the accumulation of memories.

Unlike much of Tokyo, the Musashino area still retains plentiful greenery. This two-generation home sits on a 165 sqm site located within a quiet residential area, surrounded by other stand-alone homes. The large wall-like façade along the street is punctuated with a few openings, with a doorway that leads directly into a lush garden.

From spring to summer to autumn to winter, from sunrise to sunset, a varied play of various lights and shadows are produced in this garden, bringing an awareness of the flow of time and the change of seasons.

The space where the family spends most of their time looks out onto the garden, and the enclosed outdoor space can be enjoyed from each of the rooms that elaborately possess unique character.

The sound of laughter fills the air as the family enjoys the flow of time woven by the greenery. It is a home of intimate connections, inviting aromas from home-cooked meals, and seasonal flowers in the garden that bring sweet fragrances through the windows – a home that matures with the family as time goes by, becoming richer and more attractive through the shared multisensory experiences.

English translation by Norie Lynn Fukuda (DMA)


photo : Katsuhisa Kida/FOTOTECA