The site is long, and it is to the north and south 40m or more.

Using the length of this site, I deploy three different courtyards of the individuality each, and the sun light that is enough for all living rooms is doing it with a plan to be produced.

People who came blows up a feeling of expectation to the inside space without seeing only a wide garage from the way. There is the Japanese-style room for guests in the front when I enter the entrance and uses it as a guest room and an amusement place of children. When pass through the side of the first courtyard, there is opening-like living room with a colonnade and the great window. It becomes the large rooms more than expanse, 50 square meters to dining kitchen by the continuance.

There is the second courtyard when we pass through the side of the kitchen.
There are a bookshelf and a bathroom using stairs bottom to boil there.

The kid’s room where the stairs top is sunny.

There is a master bedroom in the most deep part of the site, and there is the third courtyard facing this bedroom.

We can take the outdoors space that is full of nature in everyday life when I assume it a privacy-related expensive courtyard.

The house has depth 40m or more.
Privacy characteristics increase when I advance to the depths of the house and will pass through three attractive courtyards.There is not stress by there being these courtyard and can access all rooms.




写真:Katsuhisa Kida/fototeca